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Warren Ferster of Manchester has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He is the founder and CEO of a number of family-run businesses, and he has always been passionate about the quality of his products and services, as well as providing excellent customer care.
His first foray into business was right after graduating from university. He helped run his family’s business the Gaynor Group and worked as the CEO for almost twenty years. This company was in the business of manufacturing plastic film, which could then be printed on flexographic printers and utilized for other purposes after leaving their factory. The company gained a strong reputation and had many high-level clients such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco, and Littlewoods.
Warren Ferster’s next business venture was also in the plastics industry. He and his family founded Coral Products, makers of plastic moulding, where he served as the CEO for nearly 25 years. The company originally produced plastic moulds for VHS cassette tapes, but as the times changed, so did the company. They evolved along with the industry trends and started producing CD and DVD cases, at one time holding the top spot in all of Europe for the largest media packaging company. Coral Products has grown significantly over the years. They now manufacture and distribute all sorts of plastic injection, extruded and blow moulded products, and they serve an array of industries including food packaging, telecoms, household, personal care, healthcare, and automotive.
Currently, Warren Ferster of Manchester is the Executive Director of Interactive Technology Corporation (ITC). Together with his brother, Stuart Ferster, Warren oversees the daily operations at ITC.  ITC is a marketing and software firm, specializing in positive branding and visibility for their clients, as well as software development. They started out as a small office and then grew their staff to over 70 people, but have managed to maintain a down-home, family-style feel as their office culture, while also being on the cusp of the latest technological trends.
When he isn’t working or spending time with family, Warren is a very active member of Yom Hashoah Manchester, the largest single Jewish commemoration of the Holocaust in the United Kingdom. As a tribute to his father, a Holocaust survivor, the Salford City Council installed an audio solar bench at what was once his local park. Before his father’s passing at the age of 94, he was able to verbally share some of his experiences in audio format, which visitors can listen to. The idea is to help educate generations to come about the war and shine a light on global discrimination.

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