Bringing about change can be a complicated process. Typically, such efforts are performed by brave, honorable people determined to make a difference in the world. That said, change can begin at any level. Those looking to amend operations in their respective organizations might accomplish such a task by adhering to the following tips:

Convince People To “Buy-In”

Just about everyone has heard variations of the cliché, referencing how one person can be the voice of change. That said, if that lone individual cannot get others to buy-in to new ideas and philosophies, such efforts can go for naught. Moreover, inspiring the leaders of an organization to embrace change might render the process easier. Following the leader is human nature.

Create Shared Philosophies

There is no hard and fast mandate dictating that change must be sparked by one person’s vision and core beliefs. When several people create a new shared philosophy, the chances of others embracing such views are more likely to increase.

Understand Resistance Is Bound To Occur

Change is often slow to implement. Even when people express the desire for change, they may be too ingrained in, or too afraid to veer away from the old system. Ergo, change precipitators are strongly urged to embrace resistance. It is important to remember that this hesitance will not be overcome in one fell swoop and cannot be bullied out of people. A smarter and more strategic approach is to, over time, convince people such suggested amendments are necessary.

Communicate Effectively

Individuals who foster change are often successful because they communicate effectively. Change can be a frightening yet relatively vague word. Those who yearn to get others on board with new ideas need to describe what type of specific change is expected and how such alterations will impact them directly.

Display Confidence

Promoting a new thought is a difficult enough process. Those who don’t show confidence in the need for the intended changes are greatly damaging their chances of success. Most people have heard variations of the saying that, if you do not demonstrate confidence in your thoughts and abilities, others will not either.


Typically, there is no one exact method of implementing change. Ergo, proponents of change should understand that some approaches might work, and others may not. Flexibility is paramount.