There is a tremendous amount of global problems in society today. With issues like climate change and immense poverty, it’s easy to get depressed. Fortunately, entrepreneurs are stepping up and working to solve global problems.


Climate Change


Since this involves the entire world, no one person or firm can change everything. But we can each do our part. As they say, think globally but act locally.


Every little bit matters. Small wins like reducing the amount of paper printed or installing energy-saving light bulbs add up over time. This can help motivate employees who enjoy working in a progressive workplace.


An entrepreneur can choose to purchase only from environmentally-conscious suppliers. Sometimes, they can design products that emit less greenhouse gas.


Import raw materials and Create Industry


Global poverty is a significant concern. By importing raw materials like iron and cotton, entrepreneurs support the industries in developing nations. These countries then use these export earnings to build things like schools and hospitals and get out of poverty.


If you’re dealing with agricultural goods, some entrepreneurs like to buy from independent farmers directly. Less money goes to middlemen with this strategy.


If you build a processing plant or a factory in a country, you can significantly help a region. Most developing countries lack industry.




Big corporations are only concerned about their shareholders. And shareholders either want distributed profits or more growth.


On the other hand, an entrepreneur can do what she wants with her firm’s profit. Large amounts can be donated. Whether it’s saving the Amazon rainforest or malnourishment in Africa, that’s up to the entrepreneur.


New Products


Old businesses are just concerned about serving existing customers in conventional ways. It’s the entrepreneurs that come up with new products. For example, water filtration products have been invented by entrepreneurs and sold in the third world. This will greatly expand the amount of clean water available.


An entrepreneur started a coffee roaster that is focused on treating their coffee farmers fairly. Not only does this help address global poverty, but it’s turned into a selling point.


The number of global problems can sometimes seem overwhelming. Entrepreneurs are working to solve the issues that affect our society.