Branding isn’t just for businesses seeking to maximize online visibility, although that’s how this concept first began. Today, anyone can develop a personal brand and use it to help them follow their chosen career path. Here are a few tips for pursuing your personal brand in the workplace.

Develop Your Brand

The first step in personal branding is to create a package that’s worthy of branding. This involves taking an insightful look at yourself to identify any talents that can be cultivated into useful skills. You should also determine which personality traits you would like to emphasize as a part of your brand. Your goal is to include desirable traits and skills that employers will want to add to their team, so choose characteristics that will help you stand out. Any skill or characteristic that you claim to offer should be verifiable and reliable.

Get Honest Feedback

If you have ever had to complete an online employment assessment, you know that many of the questions you’re asked revolve around what a supervisor or co-worker thinks about you. It’s possible to get a jump on these types of questions by asking your supervisors and co-workers these questions ahead of time. You can ask them to provide you with blunt and honest answers. The feedback they provide can help you adjust your behavior and practices to improve your personal brand. You’ll never be the perfect employee to everyone, but using feedback can help you correct the flaws that most people see in you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Volunteer

Anytime a new opportunity is presented, you should be among the first to volunteer for it. This will help you earn a good reputation with your employer and supervisors for being the “go-to” employee who isn’t afraid of new challenges. That’s a good quality to add to your personal brand. Additionally, it will expose you to new situations in which you can learn new facets of the organization’s operation.

These tips will help you create and grow your personal brand, which will, in turn, help you advance your career. Just as companies must maintain a consistent philosophy in building their brand, you should adhere to the principles you use in creating your personal brand. This will help co-workers, supervisors, and potential employers develop trust in your work ethic, expertise, and integrity.