The world has been facing a stressful, challenging time because of the pandemic, and this situation may cause employees to feel less motivated. Due to these abnormal and uncertain times, superiors must show employees that their bosses appreciate them. These are some tips for showing employees appreciation for their efforts that should help boost their morale.

Be open to suggestions.

Employees will be likely to work hard when they are happy with their work environment. Creating a suggestion box or having frequent meetings to receive feedback and ideas from employees regarding how to improve their working experience is a creative way to show employee appreciation. Workers like it when they know their bosses listen to them instead of ignoring their feelings during these stressful times.

Celebrate employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries.

Recognizing employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries are easy ways for supervisors to show that they care about their workers. The celebration does not have to be extravagant. The recognition may consist of a card, a small gift, or a shoutout to that employee on social media. Either way, workers will be likely to remember that their bosses made an effort to recognize them.

Be more flexible with deadlines than usual.

The pandemic has severely changed many peoples’ lives, and it is crucial to remember that when assigning deadlines. Of course, workers should not be slacking off. However, managers should be more flexible because these abnormal times make life more difficult for everyone, including their employees, especially if they have children or sick family members. Showing an understanding attitude by giving employees extensions when they need more time and offering later deadlines than before the pandemic is an excellent way to show appreciation for employees during COVID-19.

Try to make meetings fun.

While meetings are not usually enjoyable for employees, making an effort to make these work-related gatherings more enjoyable will raise motivation. Whether they are in-person or virtual, there are plenty of ways to make them more pleasant. Strategies for making meetings more fun include but are not limited to games, trivia, music, giveaways, and crafts.

Following these four strategies will make the workplace a more enjoyable place for employees during such an abnormal time. As a result, workers will be likely to be more motivated.