Customer experience is about treating the customer with respect and prioritizing their happiness when they are in your business. If you get to know your customers, you can offer them a better experience, allowing them to want to consume more of your products. From becoming aware of your services to purchasing them, you want your customers to feel safe, respected, and appreciated every step of the journey to purchasing.

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

People often confuse customer experience with customer service. Some even think that they are interchangeable; however, customer service is only one part of customer experience. Customer service handles a particular part of the customer journey. Excellent customer service provides a customer with useful information, solutions, answers to emergency requests, refunds, policy revisions, etc. Customer service provides the bridge for a potential customer to become a return customer.

The Importance of Customer Experience

Without a positive customer experience, revenue will decline. If an existing customer is unsatisfied with your business, then they may cease purchasing and even spread negative reviews, impacting future sales. However, when a customer raves about their experience, in addition to their actual purchase, they are more likely to become regular customers. Studies show that 92% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. If your business does a fantastic job of creating a positive customer experience, then the likelihood of great reviews will follow. This will also help determine the reputation of your business, which will shape your brand.

How to Create an Awesome Customer Experience Strategy

From the moment of discovery, your customers should feel comfortable and welcomed at your business. To implement an excellent customer experience, you should attain as much data as possible on your customer, including the typical customer movement from touchpoint to touchpoint. Does your customer want to explore their options first? Are they looking to make a quick purchase? Is your ideal customer the type of person who is usually on-the-go and doesn’t have much time? Would this type of customer enjoy a friendly service or more of an informative but quick approach? By knowing the kind of customer that your business attracts, you will know how to strategize better to create a memorable customer experience.